Soka Gakkai International Madison Wisconsin Chapter

Soka Gakkai International Madison Chapter

Who We Are.

Soka Gakkai = Value-Creation Society. The SGI is an International Buddhist organization that actively promotes, peace, culture and education through personal change and social contribution. The SGI is active in 192 countries including the United States, throughout the state of Wisconsin and right here in Madison. The Madison Chapter (and the SGI at large) is made up of compassionate people from all walks of life that share a common belief, that each person deserves to be happy and that we should all be able to live in peace throughout the world.

What We Believe.

We believe that a great human revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, will enable change in the destiny of all humankind. Buddhism is generally viewed as a static religion, but the true image is that of a dynamic Buddhist who continuously takes action to relieve people of suffering and lead them to happiness. We feel that World Peace begins with individual peace and happiness, and spreads as enlightened individuals become active in the cause of peace at the local, national and international levels.

Learn More About Our Mission.

We are an ever growing community of like minded people and we welcome everyone in the Madison area to join us to learn more about the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism. Learn more about how this great philosophy can transform the life of any person regardless of their circumstance and about how the transformation of even a single individual can be the cause of great change in our society at large.

Our typical gathering consists of an informal discussion meeting in the home of an SGI member at various locations around Madison. Normally 10-15 people attend our discussion meetings and we welcome any guests that would like to learn more about our practice. We gather to chant, study Buddhist philosophy and encourage each other in both our practice and daily lives. We also answer any questions that a guest may have in regards to Nichiren Buddhism and it's role in life and society. In addition, we meet every Saturday morning and hold monthly Chapter Study and World Peace Prayer meetings at the Goodman Center in Madison where you are welcome to join us to learn more about our mission of World Peace through Individual Empowerment and Personal Happiness.

Please Join Us At Our World Peace Prayer Meeting

We normally have several meetings each week throughout the Madison area including monthly East and West Side Chapter World Peace Prayer and Study Meetings. Anyone is invited to attend and deepen their understanding of Nichiren Buddhism.

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